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Meet the support staff of Nirvana Farm


Meet our office manager, Zac.

Zac is always eager to get to work in the morning.  Up at 5:00 am, he is ready for breakfast and morning exercise.  Zac came to Nirvana Farm by way of Central Vermont Humane Society in 2009.   He immediately found his calling as an office manager, taking pride in keeping the business running smoothly.  He weighs 6 pounds and stands 10 inches high at the shoulder, but his imposing presence belies his diminutive stature.  In his leisure time, he love to investigate the smells left by nighttime visitors and raid the garden.

Cooper our Web Support Specialist

This is Cooper.  

Cooper is from Southern California.  He arrived in Vermont in mid February 2011 as a member of 'Project Flying Chihuahua'
www.projectflyingchihuahua.com a non-profit small dog rescue group.  We met him at the Central Vermont Humane Society's birthday bash in early March 2011 and knew from the moment we met he would be a great addition to the Nirvana Farm Staff.  Thanks Project Flying Chihuahua and CVHS for bring Cooper into our lives!

Cooper will be overseeing website management under the watchful eye of his new best friend, Zac.  As the demands on the practice has grown, so has the responsibility...The two rambunctious little guys now share an office off site.


This is Lucy

Lucy's job is to be a guard dog, so she does not meet with the visitors of Nirvana Farm.  However, she is a very important part of our support staff.  Lucy was born June 13, 2002.  She had a rough start to life, but has found a forever home here at Nirvana Farm. She loves to swim in the pond, chase balls, practice tracking, and play with the cats.

You may see Lucy from time to time in her fenced in area, but she does not run loose when Nirvana Farm is open for business.

Support Staff

This is Tony aka: Anthony, Antonio,

Tony came to Nirvana Farm from Central Vermont Humane Society as a 7 week old kitten in August 2004.  With an extra toe on each foot, he leaves really interesting tracks in the mud and snow.  Tony can be seen around the fields and arena, doing the job he loves...managing the mouse, frog and cricket population.  Tony is not a lap cat unless he knows you well.  When out side,  he does not often approach for petting sessions, though he enjoys being acknowledged with a hearty "Hey, Tony".     

Meet Marty aka: Marty Moo, Martin, Hey Stop It.

In March 2009 Marty, like Zac and Tony before him, came to Nirvana Farm from Central Vermont Humane Society.  His estimated age is 2 years, and despite the fluff he is a light weight, weighing in at just 8 pounds. 

A temperamental guy when he first arrived, Marty did not want to be petted, picked up, touched, or even looked at.  He would hiss and swat anything that dared come near him.  Well, that all changed within the first 3 weeks.  We sat in the same room, but did not even look at him the first week.  The second week, he started climbing onto the chair or couch where we sat and occasionally rubbing against our legs as we continued to let him initiate contact.  By the end of the third week, Marty could not get close enough to any warm body (that's how he got the nick name Hey Stop It).  He often comes over to meet visitors and will curl up in any willing lap if the mood strikes.


Meet Allie aka: Alice 
and boB (that's Bob spelled backwards) aka: Bobby, Bobby Bob Roberts, Bobby Love

Allie and her three brothers, Bob, Chip and Doug (see a pattern here?) were born in a hay shed sometime in late October, 2008.  They were left to fend for themselves when they were very small.  The weather was quickly turning harsh, and they had no food, other than what they could scavenge from the pig pen and no water as everything had frozen solid.  The kittens had made their home in a three sided shed filled with hay bales which they turned into a maze of tunnels.  Being feral cats they were not easy to catch, so they had to be rescued using baited Have-a-heart traps.  It took about 3 weeks to catch them all.  Alley was the first to be rescued and brought to Nirvana farm where she was introduced to the life of a domesticated cat.  Next was boB.  He was the biggest of the litter and the most comfortable around people.  A few days later, Chip was in the trap and ready for a new life.  It was nearly one week later that the shiest of the crew was finally ready to leave the hay shed for a new life.  That day there was a happy reunion for the kittens who were about 8 weeks old by then.

Alley is still a bit shy, and rarely leaves the house or porch area if strangers are around.  boB, however, has an outgoing personality and is very happy to greet visitors.

Both Chip and Doug were adopted into a wonderful cat loving home.  They were renamed Red Beans and Rice, respectively. 

Red Beans and Rice